Turky young adult sexy. Determining the sex of a turkey gets easier with practice.

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The beard of an adult male turkey is longer than that of an immature male.

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For that reason, it's also a good idea to age the turkey when trying to sex it.

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Male turkeys will use them to attack predators and rivals during mating season.

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The size of a turkey can be difficult to judge from a distance, though, especially if the turkey is by itself or if the group is scattered across uneven ground.

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The tip of an adult feather is usually rounded, too, but juvenile feathers are more pointed.

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Both genders have reddish-orange legs with four toes on each foot.

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Both sexes have these growths, even though the snood of an adult male is usually somewhat larger than that of a female turkey.

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The coloration and shape of the other wing feathers can change at different paces, so the outermost wing feather will give you the most accurate results.

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