Trainspotting sex scene watch. They can actually enjoy that sense of being taken, in a way, and sometimes they pull out of it and sometimes they don't.

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I just know that Danny will come up with this amazing visualization.

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We see people randomly make out under the influence of heroin.

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The film is far from pro-drugs as displayed in multiple scenes, however the fun side of drugs is simply shown to give the characters a motivation to start them in the first place.

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Being a Scottish guy, and it being an intrinsically Scottish novel, I felt I was very connected to it.

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I think I was actually hungover by the time I did the scene.

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Ewan McGregor learned how to make heroin for the role and even considered trying it.

I remember coming out into the street afterwards and not quite being able to gather my thoughts about it.

It was me, because they'd asked if I'd ever taken drugs, and I was a bit of a naive plonker and said, "Yes, I took a hash yogurt once, and I was very ill.