Testicles numb hurt after unprotective sex. Student Health Center clinicians can provide more detailed information.

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Half of women won't notice any symptomsbut for those who do, they are:.

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Pain in the testes can develop suddenly and is often associated with a fever and discharge from the penis.

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It's not something that happens often, but bumps and lumps along the way can injure the testicles, perineum between your bum and scrotum and penis.

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Most people with hepatitis B get well, but in some cases it can lead to complications such as liver disease or cancer of the liver.

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Like hepatitis B, not everyone with hepatitis C experiences symptoms.

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It is a very serious STI, transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk.

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So if you hit it hard enough against something, like the walls of your girlfriend's vagina, it can cause some serious damage.

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If your son has sudden groin pain, get him to a hospital emergency room as soon as you can.

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Male college students are increasingly concerned about their sexual performance and often seek help from health professionals about common problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and other anxiety-causing concerns.