Sex with very tall men. You might want to pass on it.

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Another way to find out what you and your partner like is by constantly talking to each other about what makes you both comfortable and what gets you off.

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Do you have a good couch or a bed with a headboard?

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As the more experienced partner, you have the luxury to set the tone.

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Also, he was a virgin up until last week.

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If penetration is awkward and uncomfortable, you can pleasure each other in other ways.

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There will be times when trying out different sex positions will cause you both to fumble or fall.

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Having a big height difference with your partner can make having sex really tricky, not to mention a tad uncomfortable.

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If he's new to the sex thing, getting him to calm down and take it slow and easy can be tricky.

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Grab a chair; a sturdy one to be exact.