Sasuke and sakura sexting video. Fragrances of Love by Tipispip Fandoms:

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He can't afford to get distracted.

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Was he really about to start sexting Sakura?

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If he was thinking straight, he would have thought to look over the picture for more details, for an explanation of why-why was she shirtless in front of Naruto?

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He has his hands on his boxers, a mischievous grin on his face before he winks at the camera.

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He takes in a deep breath and releases it.

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Did it really have to be his boss?

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He presses his phone under his chin and shakes his head at himself.

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So what if they were probably having a movie marathon right now, or eating out in Denny's or something.

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Naruto quickly responds.

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Naruto won't be the simple submissive boy that Sasuke tries to make him to be though, he's got too much attitude for that, but maybe Sasuke doesn't find that side of him all bad.