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Zelda put one hand on Ruto's waist, and the other on her face, and she turned and pushed her against the wall.

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Zelda looked down at Ruto, and they exchanged glances of desire.

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Zelda blushed as she felt herself becoming exposed.

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Zelda realized that this was her orgasming, for the first time, and it was big.

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It came to swipe at him but it was an expected attack, so Link easily dodged it.

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She longed to be touched there, and now she will get what she always wanted.

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There were holes all around and Jellyfish-type creatures floating all around the room.

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He walked over and took out a bottle, scooping up a fish before stepping onto a platform in front of The gargantuan fish.

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Link walked up to King Zora's throne, taking out the note from Ruto that he had found just moments ago.

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