I never want to have sex with my boyfriend. If you can pinpoint losing interest in sex to a specific event, the solution usually presents itself along with the realisation.

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Having an understanding that our cultural stories about sex are so narrowly defined means when you learn the truth, you can begin exploring what sex means to you on your own terms.

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This doesn't mean hitting the sex store.

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You can invite desire in anytime, anywhere.

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You don't have to confess that your heart flutters every time you see him, that you daydream about the days ahead, or that you secretly think the two of you would have adorable babies.

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Tell your boyfriend that you're not horny, but you'd like to cuddle.

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But you know those friends who shake things up when you would have preferred to just sit at home watching Netflix?

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And weird.

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You've made an emotional connection, and you're already beginning to imagine a future with him.

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These dates are top of your priority list, not last on the list.