How to stop queefing while having sex. Simply insert a finger inside your vagina between positions or during intercourse.

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You can find other useful tricks by reading on that will help you prevent queefing.

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The cause is simple.

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You can also avoid queefing while still deep thrusting.

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Doing so will make sex will be more sensual while stopping the air from finding its way in.

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Or have him pull out only part of the way after he thrusts.

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A queef is really not a big deal.

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It's natural.

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You and your partner need to talk about queefing and find a long-lasting solution together.

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Going on top can prevent queefing A post shared by youandmeus2 on Sep 16, at 1:

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While there are devices called Kegel weights or eggs available, they are not recommended.

Tampons Are Not a Good Idea Some women have resorted to wearing a tampon if the problem is especially persistent.