How to dance sexually for your husband. He wouldn't be with you if he wasn't attracted to you, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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To calm her nerves, she rests her hand on her belly to feel the rise and fall of her breathing and get connected to her body.

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We bet your husband would love to see you do a striptease dance.

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Use different angles Source:

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To give an unforgettable lap dance, you'll need to set the mood and be graceful on and off the chair.

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Remember, you are in charge!

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Here are 14 striptease tips you'll both love.

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When you are ready to finish off as the song comes to an end, turn around so you are facing him, straddling one or both of his legs.

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Imagine your man sitting in the chair, beaming at you with love and appreciation.

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Imagine you're drawing a few circles from his chest to his crotch

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Move your hands up and down your body, like you're rubbing bubbly soap all over yourself.

As you move, slowly approach him and then back away.