Grace park sex cult. In addition to Mack and other actresses, Nxivm attracted the children of political and high-society dynasties, including Clare and Sara Bronfman.

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Mack also insisted that it was her idea to brand DOS members with a symbol that really meant something to them—and sexist naked wommeb ever, upon closer scrutiny, appeared to include her initials as well as Raniere's.

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When she finally left, it was because the leader made her boyfriend break up with her in front of four members of the group.

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And by that, she means that cults have adapted to contemporary society and contemporary society has adopted certain cultish tendencies.

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Mack made bail and is living under house arrest with her parents in California while Raniere is rotting in a Brooklyn jail cell and complaining bitterly.

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These cults are well-oiled machines and India never stood a chance.