First time sex with friend. Let's start with the biggest question:

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Lube Up Giphy I know lube can be sticky or whatever, but it makes sex so much more comfortable.

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I haven't yet been at all sexually activeso I don't really need them yet, but would you feel more comfortable if I got a current one, too?

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He parked in my driveway.

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After all, he's my friend.

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As far as your other questions go, really, if this is a great friendship, and you do feel close, then talking about safer sex as well hot sexy men sex dealing with something like some spotting shouldn't be that big a deal.

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Despite having rules and setting boundaries, one of you is bound to develop feelings.

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We became so adept at acting normal in public that we could go to a pool party like nothing was amiss, then go back to his house and race to the bedroom.