Anal sex and stds. Condom effectiveness for HIV prevention by consistency of use among men who have sex with men in the United States.

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Several factors contribute to establishing a correct diagnosis of STDs of the anorectum.

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Penicillin-allergic patients are treated with doxycycline mg PO twice daily for 14 days or tetracycline mg PO four times a day for 14 days.

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Can you get HIV from a mosquito bite?

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Health care providers, and specifically sexual health providers, should screen heterosexual women for unprotected anal intercourse and counsel them on the increased STD and HIV risk of this type of intercourse, despite the gifs girlfriend nude sex of pregnancy risk.

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Intravaginal practices and risk of bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis infection among a cohort of women in the United States.

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Spirochetes seen on dark-field microscopic exam of scrapings from chancres are diagnostic of syphilis.

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There's a chance of infection when faeces comes into contact with broken skin, the mouth or the eyes.

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J Clin Microbiol.

Shigella enteritis venereally transmitted.

Erythromycin mg PO qid for 7 days or azithromycin mg daily for 3 days.