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Is creating art that has a global range of reference in itself a protest against the advance of Little England rhetoric?

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They could be understood as breathing, living organisms — hot and fiery in their centre, while the surface of the glass has the effect of an ice-like encasing.

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In the English middle age, people believed that the plague entered the air from cracks in the earth that let escape from hell the fumes of a noxious miasma.

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Thus the fluidity of sexual taste sends the exhibition scarpering in all directions.

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A recurring character in her videos, Cynthia, has thoroughly bought into the idea that various self-healing tools and rituals, prescription drugs, foods and beauty products will bring about enlightened bliss.

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We will continue to address and act upon these issues as part of a larger process, building the next steps through the feedback we receive.

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The next episode teaser shows Serena and Blair at Yale.

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And that is an important role.

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Collectively, the works in this exhibition present a picture of the mechanisms through which it continues to assert its influence.